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At The Belka we believe that learning should be fun, effective and rewarding. That’s why we don’t just teach you 5000 words and grammar rules. We show you how to use them effectively in real life situations. We get you speaking Russian from the very first session.

If Belka the dog could fly to space, then you can learn Russian - Easily!

- The Belka -

Why Choose The Belka?

Every Kind of Russian For Every Kind of Purpose!

Prime Location Prime location in Central London (Shepherd's Bush, Bond Street, Shoreditch, Islington)

Only Small Groups No overcrowded classrooms, only small groups, all students in the group are at the same level

Cutting Edge We use modern language sources and interactive techniques

We Create We create our own worksheets based on Russian videos, films, podcasts, blog articles. You get maximum exposure to the language as it is spoken!n.

Native Russian Speakers All our teachers are native Russian speakers and are fully qualified to teach Russian as a foreign language .

Experienced Teachers All our teachers have 7+ years of experience teaching at language schools in London, St Petersburg, Helsinki and Warsaw

Excellent Track Record We have an excellent track record preparing students for all types of exams (GCSE, A-level, university degree, Russian Proficiency Test (A1-C1)

What We Offer?

Here's how you can learn with us.

Individual 1-to-1 lessons Study at your own pace at the time that suits you best Custom made BELKA course for every student 

2-to-1 lessons A perfect compromise between individual and group lessons  

Corporate Tuition Individual & group tuition for corporate clients. Focus on vocabulary & topics used in the world of business, finance, commerce, property, fine arts etc  

Group lessons Study in a small group (NO MORE than 4-5 students) Contemporary BELKA course for modern life  

Online lessons Online classroom, same experience and tools as a traditional face-to-face classroom, access to a whitebrd, file sharing, high quality live video conferencing  

Our Prices & Offers

Individual 1-to-1 lessons Morning/daytime (8:00-16:00)* £349 10 hours 1 hour minimum lesson length 

£659 20 hours 1 hour minimum lesson length

Evening time (16:00-21:00)* £449 10 hours 1.5 hour minimum lesson length  

£739 20 hours 1.5 hour minimum lesson length  

*All lessons must start and finish within these times  

2-to-1 lessons £129* 5 hours 1 hour minimum lesson length  

£249* 10 hours hour minimum lesson length  

*Price per person  

Corporate lessons Please enquire for pricing 


Group lessons Evening course: £290 20 hours 1×2hrs lesson per week  

Lunch time course £139 8 hours 1×1hr lesson per week  

Saturday course: £315 25 hours 1×2.5hrs per week  


Online lessons £25 1 hour pay as you go

£225 10 hours  


Who does The Belka Teach?

Here's what our amazing students have said:

"I have been studying with The Belka for over two years. I started as a complete beginner looking to learn Russian due to my frequent business trips to Moscow. I am now pretty confident speaking and can even write a more or less decent email when needed. I loved the convenience of learning online from the comfort of my own home or office at a time that suited me.  

My tutor has been very helpful and patient with me (I am not a born linguist!). We have made a great progress.  

Highly recommended!"

Rose Jenkins - Business Consultant

"My Tutor was very competent and patient. I found her lessons effective – we would always address the areas I needed to work on specifically. I also liked the kind of study materials she provided me with-modern and entertaining.  

My tutor helped me a great deal when I was preparing for my graduation exams in Russian and later on tutored me for Russian proficiency test which I passed with 88%! I highly recommend The Belka Language School"


John Williams - Graphic Designer

Get Your Trial Lesson Now!

 Get to know us by booking a TRIAL LESSON. No obligation - decide for yourself!

1 hour trial lesson for just £19!  

Drop us an email with your contact details, tell us about your language needs and what you expect to achieve and we will get back to you within 24 hours.  

Treat your loved one to THE BELKA


The Belka gift vouchers are a perfect gift for birthdays, Xmas any special occasions! Vouchers are valid for 12 months and can be redeemed towards any individual block or course. 

Choose how much you would like to give be it £10 or £500! 

You will receive an email with confirmation and digital gift card that you can send on to your loved one!

Terms & Conditions

Payment Lessons are paid for in advance in blocks. Once the client gets close to the end of a block of hours, The Belka will contact the client to ask if he/she wishes to book a further block. Lesson blocks are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Cancellation Policy The client may cancel/reschedule an individual lesson by email or text by 10am one working day before your scheduled class. If the10am deadline is missed the client will be fully charged. 

Where group lessons are concerned no refund is issued once payment is made. This is due to the fact that courses are run in small groups & once the payment is made the clients place is secured & the course goes ahead. 

If a lesson/course is cancelled by The Belka a full refund will be issued to the client. 

Why does THE BELKA have a late cancellation policy?  

Our teachers are paid by the hour, and we pay teachers for any lessons cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours’ notice. This is to protect our teachers from loss of income when lessons are cancelled late, and no replacement work can be arranged to fill the vacant slot. Please bear in mind that even if a lesson is rescheduled for a later date the teacher may lose out, because two slots for work will have been filled by only one lesson.  

We have also found it is only possible to organise timetables, room bookings, travel time and so on if students can be dissuaded from rearranging lessons at the last minute. The late cancellation policy is an important means of ensuring this.  

The aim of the late cancellation rule is emphatically not to get students to pay for a service they don’t receive: in an ideal world we would never need to apply it!